Floyd Central Alumni Association

Floyd Central Alumni Association Hall of Fame Information:

The Alumni Association wants to recognize those people who exemplify the vision of "Fostering Excellence for a Lifetime".  We encourage you to nominate someone who stands out through his/her contributions to education, business, arts, leadership, athletics, community or nation.  Please keep this and the following criteria in mind as you nominate a former student, teacher, coach, or staff member of Floyd Central High School.  The nominee must have:

  • Graduated or attended Floyd Central before 2007, or completed a minimum of 10 years of service (staff or faculty) at FCHS.

  • Made outstanding contributions that affect the greater good of FCHS as a school, the student body, the community, or mankind.

  • Attained achievements of a recognizable degree.

  • Had a positive presence in the school, community, and/or nation.

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Alumni Association Hall of Fame